The Mountains of Morpheus

Session 20: The Search for Rohfa Hazelwheat, part two


The player characters (PCs) continued their assignment from the Temple Ilendra to gain more information about Rohfa Hazelwheat’s childhood. At the present moment, however, they searched four human bodies discovered in the cavern beneath the dolarium (meaning a “haunted,” magically active dungeon) where they had just fought a brood of gricks. One body appeared to be that of the infamous bandit Besha the Blade, as inferred by two letters found on its person. The identities of the three others were unclear, until the PCs reported their findings to the local lord and administrator, Lord Falconna. In their report, they discovered that three of Lord Falconna’s people had gone missing: two soldiers and his niece Jina. The PCs’ reportage created a bit of a stir with the lord’s wizard, Walter, who had claimed that he and the three others had been attacked by bandits in another location, leaving him as the sole survivor. Lord Falconna did not appear to immediately accept either party’s word, and left the matter unresolved before the PCs.

The PCs amicably parted ways with Lord Falconna, discovering on the same day that one of their partner mushrooms had turned to ash, indicating a communication from Cicero and Nestoria, “Lord Arawn has been made aware of our presence, act with greater discretion.” Shortly after, the PCs visited Rohfa’s native village of Summer Tide, finding that her mother and sisters had a rather low opinion of their mystical daughter and sister. After an evening of cajoling and quarreling, the PCs paid the family for Rohfa’s childhood ocarina.

The PCs also chose to visit the town of Granite-Castle to communicate to the Temple Ilendra, updating it on their progress, using the local temple’s animal messenger spell. The PCs also did some shopping around the town, browsing around for some curiosities. The temple’s presiding priest, Julian, also informed the PCs that soldiers of Baron Sata, provincial ruler of southeast Strigis, had recently burned and desecrated a once-long-standing temple in the (relatively) nearby village of Seven Stones. With Araceli and Conrad particularly incensed at this act of institutionally backed violence, the PCs agreed to travel to the village to set things right, the village being en route to the Mountains of Morpheus anyway. However, they were also advised by Julian to work with the advice of the locals, for although such vigilantism might be commendable, it might easily invite repercussion upon the villagers.

After three days of travel, the PCs encountered the village of Summer Tide, and found indeed that the local temple, a modest but relatively old building, had been burned to little more than two walls of rubble and half a roof, with the village priest badly burned and two villagers dead. Araceli spoke with the priest, Father Marcus, about further actions to be taken. Marcus himself seemed uncertain, knowing well the issue of retaliation, as well as being unsure of the location or identities of the attackers. He also stated that he was unsure about whether the soldiers had committed the act without being instructed to — possibly the baron simply sanctioned the act post hoc. Father Marcus suggested that he might go visit the baron to plea for justice on his village’s behalf, thereby granting at least the appearance that the villagers would not seek violent retribution. Without an immediate solution, Araceli donated a generous sum to the village, that the temple might be restored.

Later that day, the PCs visited the nearby village of Lil’ Crabs, some three hours away, at the suggestion of a local. They discovered on the outskirts of the village a rural brothel, and made acquaintances with Aiesha, the apparent madam of the place. After discussing with Aiesha the issue of the temple-burning, the PCs and she put two and two together, and understood that a group of Baron Sata’s soldiers who regularly patronized the brothel were likely the same ones as those who desecrated the temple. Aiesha herself seemed enthusiastic about harming the baron, and made plans for the PCs to wait in the brothel, and assassinate the soldiers upon their next arrival — hopefully soon. According to both her and Father Marcus, this patrol of soldiers is led by a bald, goateed, dark-skinned man named Carter.

It is presently the morning of Thursday, January 14. The PCs have currently rested in the village of Lil’ Crabs, at Aiesha’s brothel. Morgran is currently resting, by day, in the village of Seven Stones, at the same residence where Father Marcus is recuperating.


The PCs found a variety of weapons and jewelry upon the corpses within the dolarium. Although they graciously returned these to Lord Falconna, he in turn moderately compensated the PCs. Lord Falconna also mentioned that he had heard news of a diverse and motley group of bandits, roughly matching the PCs’ description, causing trouble in Baron Sata’s domain. In particular, a knight recently minted by the baron, named Theodor, appeared to seek revenge upon them. Lord Falconna told the PCs that he misinformed Theodor about the group’s whereabouts.

The PCs found a number of unusual wares in the town of Granite-Castle, including a pet dolmma, which is a bizarre crossbreed between a lamb and a kitten; various potions whose claims of effect were likely exaggerated; and a variety of fried fish and spiders. Araceli bought a puppy dog.

Morgran and the other PCs were embroiled in a group-internal debate over the rightness of assassinating Baron Sata’s soldiers. Morgran recused himself from the entire task, though he returned to Seven Stones to provide magical healing to Father Marcus. Returning to the village, he was unable to successfully request lodging, instead building a meager campfire. At night, he was visited by an apparently supernatural being named Deva, who expressed the wish to taste his blood, though with his permission. Such an encounter upset Morgran, who attacked the being; she appeared hurt, but then transformed into a mist, and vanished.

On Sunday, January 10, the region of southern Strigis experienced a moderate earthquake. Although apparently quite a number of houses were damaged and outright destroyed, the PCs were not harmed.

Gains and losses

The party’s adventuring bill for this session is 2 gp: While well provisioned by their temple patron, the extent of their travels means that they have had to hand out the occasional bit of coin in exchange for shelter and hot food.

The PCs spent and donated a small chunk of their wealth, but did not add anything major to their group inventory besides the ocarina from Rohfa’s family.


Dssong Dssong

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