The Mountains of Morpheus

Session 19: The Search for Rohfa Hazelwheat, part one


The player characters (PCs) returned to the Temple Ilendra in urban Strigis, having obtained information from Lord Falconna in exchange for their services of spying upon his peasants. The PCs were not entirely honest with the lord, deliberately avoiding mention of the incident of an encounter with a ghoul with the Othergrass family. Morgran was also reluctant to speak of his unfortunate encounter with the Black Rock family, but Cevei supplied detail. It appeared that Lord Falconna did suspect the PCs of some untruthfulness, but he did not press the issue further.

The PCs returned to the city of urban Strigis, encountering little trouble through the snowy landscape of wintry countryside. Nestoria, High Druid of the Temple Ilendra, reviewed Lord Falconna’s texts with the PCs, and they came to understand details about the Sacred Transformation, and its botched counterpart, the Chaotic Transformation. In particular, a Sacred or Chaotic Transformation cannot be undone through violence, but can be undone by exposing the druid to familiar aural or olfactory stimuli of her childhood. To that end, it is vital to uncover more information about Rohfa’s past.

Nestoria and Cicero agreed that the PCs should resume their search for Rohfa, the temple being interested in rescuing a colleague of the Old Faith — especially such a skilled mystic as Rohfa. First, they instructed the party to visit the village of Summer Tide, to the south on the kingdom’s shoreline, to speak to Rohfa’s family about any information they may have about her. Second, they instructed the party to return to the Mountains of Morpheus, and investigate another temple, called the Temple of Storms. This is a temple built ages ago by the Orvahii (meaning “Forgotten”), a mysterious prehuman race that constructed numerous dungeons and temples that are today little more than dark ruins in the wilderness.

Cicero stated that Rohfa would use the Temple of Storms as a private retreat, sometimes spending days apart from the Sect of Indigo in private. While she was able to access her “residence” through flight (by way of the wild shape ability), the PCs would likely have to enter the temple from the ground floor, and work their way up to the uppermost stories where Rohfa laired. Moreover, this temple is believed by Cicero to be inhabited by a bronze dragon. Such a creature may be open to negotiation, rather than directly hostile, like many other dragons.

Such a quest would take them across the kingdom and again into the Mountains of Morpheus, with little hope of directly finding Rohfa, but ideally with more information of how to undo her Chaotic Transformation. In the meantime, the Temple Ilendra would continue to dispatch what druids and messengers it could to find news of her. There has been no information from such operatives so far, and Pip and Sequoia, who were sent to investigate in the northeast region of the kingdom, have not returned.

The PCs thus began this new mission, traveling first southward to Summer Tide. On the way, they returned to the "haunted tower’ in Lord Falconna’s domain. This time, they cautiously descended into the caverns beneath it, and slew (with some struggle) the brood of monsters within. The monsters seemed bestial yet unnatural, and as they recovered from their battle the PCs noticed several human bodies within the monsters’ lair …

It is presently the evening of Tuesday, January 5.


The PCs were given a number of tools by the Temple Ilendra: some healing potions and kits, as well as five partner mushrooms, a wise dumpling (that, when consumed, grants linguistic proficiency in Draconic for one hour), an ornate bronze bowl (as an offering to the dragon, that the PCs may attempt to persuade it to grant them passage), and various mundane supplies.

The PCs were also given a handsome falconry glove. Nestoria instructed the PCs, should they seek aid from a local Old Faith temple, to have Araceli or Conrad don the glove on their hand, and silently present it to the chief priest. The chief priest at the temple should recognize the gesture, and respond with the statement: “I see the temple has sent a hunting hawk to aid us.” This exchange is the passcode (no doubt one of several) between the Temple Ilendra and several other temples of the Old Faith.

Gains and losses

The party’s adventuring bill for this session is 0 gp: They should assume that they have been adequately provided for by the Temple Ilendra.

The party has been given 50 gp as a stipend for their travels. Upon completion of this task, they will as a group be rewarded with 40 gp.


Dssong Dssong

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