The Mountains of Morpheus

Session 18: Hill-folk, part three


The player characters (PCs) had split up to investigate separate families of the hill-folk in Lord Falconna’s domain, in southern Strigis, with their goal to understand the extent of the families’ affiliation with local bandits. Morgran attempted to spy on the Black Rock family in the mid-night but was discovered, and then chased into the cold and lonely hills. Through not a small amount of luck and desperation, he successfully reunited with the other PCs. In turn, they decided to give another go with the Whitelaw family, this time sending Araceli and Morris, and apparently learned that the family was innocent of any dealings with local bandits.

The PCs reported back to Lord Falconna, who bade them continue to investigate the local hills: this time of a nearby “haunted tower” where might squat bandits. The PCs discovered a lone woman who was pressed into acknowledging that she was a thief; this Natasha was released, upon informing the PCs that she had heard that the Black Rock family was indeed sheltering a group of halfling thieves.

The PCs returned again to Lord Falconna. While they actually apprehended nothing more than a few common thieves who seemed to lack direct connection to any of the more infamous and dangerous bandits in the area, they provided the nobleman and administrator an honest report of their surveillance. However, they deliberately refused to mention the Othergrasses’ involvement with their “ancestor” ghoul, and may have incited Lord Falconna’s suspicion that they were leaving out an important fact or two.

Regardless, Lord Falconna deemed their work sufficient, if not quite the pinnacle of subtlety. He paid them a small amount of coin, and provided the agreed upon payment of information about the mysticism of the druidic Sacred Transformation, or the vanar vadrana.


The tower that the PCs investigated was told to be a dolarium: a ruin of a site where unusual, dangerous eldritch magic was practiced in the past. (Not the horribly ancient past, but perhaps a century ago.) They noticed a few bizarre magical effects of the tower, but none lethal to them. Araceli also rappelled into a shaft beneath the tower, which led to a natural cave system; the PCs left that cave alone when they encountered a brood of monsters that they could barely identify.

Gains and losses

The party’s adventuring bill for this session is 0 gp: They should assume that they have been adequately provided for by Lord Falconna’s servitors.

Lord Falconna rewarded the PCs with 60 sp.


Dssong Dssong

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