Anarites: Collectively, the Sky-born and Soil-born, i.e. the people of Kala Anar. One of the four dominant human ethno-regional groups in Drau-Mura.

Arius: One of the four dominant human ethno-regional groups in Drau-Mura, characterized by their allegiance to the monotheistic faith of Ashoum.

Asha: The benevolent creator god of the monotheist faith Ashoum. Also referred to as God.

Ashoum: The monotheistic faith popular across Drau-Mura. Associated with clerics, monks, and paladins.

Azna: One of the four dominant human ethno-regional groups in Drau-Mura, which once ruled over the majority of the region.

Brixia: One of the Eastern Tribes, whose leaders manage a great deal of druidic lore.

Cold Sun: One of the Eastern Tribes, who have historically had the best relations with people outside the tribes.

Devil-Eye: A strange type of being found in the Mountains of Morpheus, resembling a disembodied eye.

Dragon’s Flesh: A term that describes several physical characteristics of a human, mostly found among the Sky-born, that supposedly indicate a distant dragon ancestor and an innate affinity for arcane magic. Signs of Dragon’s Flesh include slit pupils, patches of scaly skin, long and hard fingernails, forked tongues, and certain digestive disorders.

Drau-Mura: The geographical and political region in which this campaign is set. It is approximately the size of France and Germany put together. It is a land of mystery and conflict.

Eastern Tribes: One of the four dominant human ethno-regional groups in Drau-Mura, a set of semi-nomadic, pastoral, warrior tribes in the region’s eastern lands.

Gnoll: A humanoid, hyena-headed monster in the Mountains of Morpheus. Gnolls are former human beings who have somehow lost their mortal identity and transformed into violent, savage monsters. A minotaur is like a gnoll, but stronger and (literally) bull-headed.

God of War: The nameless pagan deity of war.

Great Hart: The pagan deity of fertility and agriculture.

Hecate: The pagan deity of magic, mysteries, sexuality, and night.

Kala Anar: A large, expanding kingdom in mid-western Drau-Mura, ruled by the Sky-born but mostly populated by the Soil-born (and to a lesser extent the Azna). Kala Anar has recently conquered the Azna kingdoms of Strigis and Cinnamarch following the Wheat-Harvest War, effectively turning them into puppet states.

Magician: A neutral term that refers to anyone who can cast spells; this includes, most commonly, bards, clerics, druids, sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards.

Malkavian: A madman, specifically one whose sanity has been damaged by her dreams in the Mountains of Morpheus.

Morpheus: The fabled divinity of Drau-Mura’s mountains. There is very little of a faith system around Morpheus, but stories variously describe him as a kind of malevolent trickster god or devil who influences sleeping mortals. See the Mountains of Morpheus.

Mountains of Morpheus: A mountain range, in which those who enter it experience strange, supernatural, transformative dreams.

Old Faith: The druidic, naturalist faith that is popular across Drau-Mura. Associated with druids, monks, rangers, and totem warrior barbarians.

Pagan: Refers to faith traditions and practice that belong neither to Ashoum nor the Old Faith. See Hecate, the Great Hart, the God of Warand Talos.

Paterism: A charismatic philosophy and movement within Ashoum that calls for direct leadership of society and religious communities by clerics of the greatest magical ability.

Pewter: Slang for the many dwarves and halflings who live among human society. Usually not derogatory.

Prince: The tradition term for the ruler of one of the seven present Azna kingdoms.

Ravenna: One of the Eastern Tribes, orc-blooded horse breeders who have recently taken control of the Tesia city Acantha.

Sha Strigia: The patron deity of the kingdom of Strigis, associated with weaponry, vigilance, and duty. Depicted as a mighty horned owl.

Sky-born: The upper racial caste of the human kingdom of Kala Anar, with a genetic talent for arcane magic and supposed lineage from ancient dragons. Sky-born are human, though some would insist they are superior “race” among humans.

Soil-born: The lower racial caste of the human kingdom of Kala Anar, long ruled by the Sky-born. Soil-born are also human, and resemble the Sky-born physically.

Specter: An physically insubstantial monster in the Mountains of Morpheus, which can possess the bodies of sleeping mortals and drive them to bloodshed.

Talos: The pagan deity of calamity and the sea.

Vanir: The ethno-religious racial group of elves and half-elves dispersed throughout Drau-Mura. Also refers to their religious tradition.

Vorroros: One of the Eastern Tribes, a recently ascendant tribe with a reputation for ruthless, fearsome violence and devotion to its patron deity, the Invincible Thunder.

The Tesia: A region in mid-eastern Drau-Mura bordering the ocean. Also refers to three city states in the region: Mercadia, Mordai’s Isle, and Acantha.

Upan: The malevolent adversarial god of the monotheist faith Ashoum. (True, this means that Ashoum is a dualist religion, though very few if any mortals would knowingly serve Upan.)


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