The Mountains of Morpheus

Session 3: Around St. Hermos


The PCs killed Rochia, the warlock serving Baron Sata, as well as a warrior accompanying her. The death occurred on Lady Othello’s estate, where Rochia and her party were staying; Lady Othello is the ruling aristocrat in the St. Hermos area. Having asked some villagers in St. Hermos — not too discreetly — about Rochia, the PCs likely face a great deal of suspicion for murdering one of the baron’s agents. For their troubles, the St. Hermos monastery rewarded them with an equipment upgrade.

The next day, the PCs had heard news that a peasant girl was killed that same night, apparently by a wild animal.


Polder got cold feet about the adventure into the Mountains. He deserted the party.

The PCs invited Morgran to join their adventure. Morgran is a dwarvish cleric, seeking the visions of the Mountains for personal reasons.

Helm and his stepfather Pip, a halfling bard, encountered each other. Pip offered to take Helm’s place in the party, on the grounds that a lad of Helm’s age should not be adventuring. Pip also wishes to find more information about the death of Oneeta, his lover and Helm’s surrogate mother (as well as an infamous smuggler and criminal).

Some possibly intelligent crows bore witness to the PCs’ attack.


The PCs spent:

• 1 silver at the “pub,” Pip only.

The PCs gained:

• Sequoia and Pip were able to upgrade their armor to studded leather (trading in their existing armor);
• Each of the PCs was able to acquire a weapon, and some arrows.

The PCs gained, from the two people they killed:

• 57 silver pieces;
• A crystal orb, worth perhaps 1 to 20 gold pieces;
• A gold ring, worth perhaps 1 to 20 gold pieces;
• An expensive-looking longsword, worth perhaps 25 to 80 gold pieces;
• A short sword;
• A warlock’s ritual dagger, about twice the price of an ordinary dagger.

Session 2: At Trezzano


In Trezzano, group of thieves from a neighboring settlement had attacked a household at the perimeter of the village, slaying two of its residents and nearly absconding with its goods and livestock. The PCs intervened, defeating five of them; some died. One of their number, a young woman, fled into the night. The PCs heard rumors that these bandits might actually have been “encouraged” by officials under Baron Sata, the area’s new ruler — the family they attacked was known to have connections to Azna rebels and bandits in the area.

The PCs left Trezzano immediately, headed for St. Hermos. The village seems to have been plagued by a spate of strange attacks by wild animals: Wolves in the woods, flocks of crows, a strange large cat called a “tyger.”

The PCs, per Cicero’s encouragement, contacted the St. Hermos monastery, located about four miles south of the village. It appears that a number of Azna rebel-bandits are based here. They are led by Lina Fisher, a friend of Helm’s mother, and one of their lieutenants is Nicholas Summers, a former comrade of Sequoia. Nicholas offered some material help to the PCs, in exchanging for eliminating one of Baron Sata’s reeves and her retinue.


The minion of Baron Sata in question is a warlock, and she’s seeking out a local madman that lives in the woods east of the village. Why the important lord baron seems interested in Morgan, an simple lunatic, seems unclear, but it may have something to do with his being a Malkavian: A person who driven mad by Morpheus’s Grip, who supposedly experiences strange, even oracular dreams. Though it may be superstition, Malkavians are widely considered to have a supernatural insight into the world, as well as the power to “infect” others with their madness.


The PCs spent:

• A few silver pieces, each.

Session 1: At Strigis


The PCs accepted Cicero’s request to deliver a wheel of cheese to a reclusive sect of druids in the Mountains of Morpheus. (Yes, a wheel of cheese.) They arranged for Cicero to send a contact to St. Hermos a month from their excursion, on November 16.

The PCs set out on the morning of Sunday, October 18. They traveled from town to town, village to village, reaching the village of Maria’s Meet by October 21. They stayed in Maria’s Meet until the morning of October 23.

The PCs met with Vohdor’s brother, discovered news of Vohdor’s murder, apparently by a member or members of the Brotherhood of Sumac, a secret society that may have disbanded after the recent war.

The PCs rested in the village of Trezzano, and were awoken by screams.


The recipient of CIcero’s package is a druid named Rohfa Hazelwheat, who belongs to the Sect of Indigo. The sect is an Old Faith mystery cult in the Mountains of Morpheus, and how it (and the few other cults in the Mountains) endure Morpheus’s Grip is unknown, even to Cicero. Cicero and Rohfa haven’t made contact in some time, but Cicero believes that Rohfa and her sect can be found at the Circle of Pines, the sect’s principal holy site.

Cicero has plotted out a detailed path to the Circle of Pines. First, the PCs will travel to the southeast village of St. Hermos. Then, they will pass through the forest of Fangwood, arriving at the Mountains’ South Pass, then trek northward to the final destination. The journey will take about two to three weeks to complete.

Cicero discussed Baron Sata, the new ruler of the southeast barony of Illograno. A Sky-born human foreigner, he’s a sorcerer with a keen interest in magical affairs.

The PCs briefly ran into Septimus Margate, the Ashoumite Bishop of the far southeast Strigis area. (Ashoum is a monotheistic faith, popular throughout the land.) He took notice of them and seemed to find them suspicious.

Civié met with the Strigis Wizard’s Society and its High Wizard, Constansia Pasolini; Mrs. Pasolini explained some of the items Civié could gather in his travels: (1) samples of a rare moss, called Hades’s Moss, that grows among stone cairns in the Mountains of Morpheus; and (2) samples of trees with limbs and trunks shaped like human bodies.


The PCs gained:

• Two mules;
• Two large crates of smelly cheese;
• Winter clothes;
• 10 torches and 2 bullseye lanterns;
• 50 lbs. of food;
• 100 silver pieces, each.

The PCs spent:

• 19 silver pieces each on traveling and drinking, each;
• 2 gold pieces at Maria’s Meet

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