The Mountains of Morpheus

Session G-4: The White Chalice


The player characters traveled to Khrysmnara to investigate the “White Chalice,” where they found reason to believe in a connection between it and their captured comrade, Summer Eyes. They cautiously traveled west from Lil’ Badger, refusing to heed Rofa’s demands that they return to the Mountains of Morpheus.

Along the way, the PCs conversed with a local Ashoumite priest, posing as devout pilgrims seeking a “White Chalice.” The priest suggested to them that perhaps they were confused, for such an item may refer to the legend of St. Albano quelling the rage and hunger of a dragon, accomplished by giving it a drink of holy water from a white chalice. In this legend, the dragon then renounces evil, accepts God, and leaves the mortals it once terrorized in peace. Walks-without-Sound and Strongest Son surmised that the White Chalice could simply be a symbol of some project to “cure” gnolls.

The PCs later came upon a lone rider galloping in their opposite direction: quite possibly from Khrysmnara to Lil’ Badger. When the PCs hailed her, she attempted to evade their questions, then flee. When the PCs fought and subdued this woman, a wizard named Svenka, they learned that she was a member of the “White Chalice” project, serving an accomplished wizard named Cicero. Before killing her and taking her keys, the PCs tortured her and learned that Cicero’s tower was located a few miles south of the town of Khysmnara.

Around this time, Bru began to feel disoriented, his mortal personality resurfacing. The PCs psychically communicated with their leaders in the Mountains of Morpheus, and were advised to continue to attempt to rescue Summer Eyes and destroy any mortal project that would attempt to reverse the gnoll condition. They were also advised to give Bru some personal space.

After some furtive spying, the PCs discovered that Cicero’s tower seemed lightly guarded — likely relying more on secrecy than force for protection. Using Svenka’s keys, the PCs simply forced their way into the tower, defeating its occupants (two mephits, two sentries, and another wizard named Jina), and capturing Cicero. They also got their hands on much of Cicero’s written research, and began to study it, though expected to destroy most if not all of it.

Interrogating Cicero, they discovered that Summer Eyes was kept in a dungeon beneath the tower. The PCs traveled partway through the dungeon with the wizard, but were ambushed by mimics: one disguised as a clay jar, one disguised as a bookcase, and one disguised as a chair. Morning-Killer struck Cicero down, and the PCs (being battered and exhausted) fled the dungeon, hoping to rescue Summer Eyes at another time …


The party gained:

  • Svenka’s items; some gold, a wand used as an arcane focus;


Dssong Dssong

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