The Mountains of Morpheus

Session G-5: The Rescue of Summer Eyes


The player characters fought further through Cicero’s dungeon, slaying the wizard’s pet mimics and mephits, until they at last reached the locked cell holding Summer Eyes, their captured comrade. The PCs wasted little time in escaping Cicero’s tower, fleeing for home: the Mountains of Morpheus …

Storm-Eye stole a small portion of Cicero’s project: the portion concerned with “curing” the gnoll condition. It seems that Cicero’s research was at best partial, and he was never wholly successful in his experiments to transform a gnoll into a mortal. However, it did seem that Summer Eyes was deeply confused about his memory, at times expressing doubt over whether he “belonged” in the Mountains of Morpheus.

The core PCs — Araceli, Cevei, Janduin, Morgran, and Pip woke from uneasy dreams of their adventures as gnolls. It remains unclear to them how much of what transpired — if any — was the actions of others, and how much was fantasy. Certainly it struck them as suspicious that their “enemies” shared the same names as Cicero and Rofa …


The core PCs gained:

  • A small, rough, raw, dark crimson garnet.
  • A fancy-looking, well crafted wood and iron trident.
  • A spell scroll of guiding bolt.


Dssong Dssong

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