The Mountains of Morpheus

Session 12: Crossways, part two


The PCs rested in the town of Wyvern’s Eye for three days, recuperating from their travails in the Mountains of Morpheus. They discussed events with Merissa and Daria, as well as sold some of their loot acquired in their adventures. Merissa noted that there were other sites in the Mountains of Morpheus that may be relevant to the PCs:

  • Another mystical sect was located in the Mountains, about 50 miles north of the Circle of Pines. The Sect of Hades was located in Dancingwood, a shriveled and dead forest. The sect practiced a “dark druidism,” bent on fusing plants and fungi with corpses, creating bizarre amalgams of the living and dead to serve them. Merissa knew little of their intentions or status, however. The sect had their own “hidden temple,” possibly much larger and vaster than her sect’s.
  • A “temple of storms” located southeast of the Circle of Pines. This temple was created by the Orvahii, some pre-human race that built numerous dungeons and temples in the Mountains of Morpheus ages ago. The temple was considered a nexus of elemental energies, though Merissa knows little about its actual purpose, if any. Rohfa stored some relics and books in this temple, and was able to reach it through_ wild shape_, turning into a bird. The temple is also guarded and inhabited by a bronze dragon, of unknown age and power.

They reached the city of Strigis one week later, relating their exploits to Cicero. Cicero seemed surprised at some of the events, and explained the situation to the best of his ability:

  • Before the war, the former Prince of Strigis had an alliance with the Sect of Indigo. Cicero acted as a liaison between the two groups, thanks to his friendship with Rohfa. After the war, the Sect of Indigo became disconnected. Cicero sought to make contact with them in order to broker a possible alliance between and Lord Count Arawn, a high-ranking nobleman in the Strigis’s new regime. However, Cicero hoped that the Sect would make its own (informed) decision — hence his desire for discretion.
  • Cicero understands that the druidic relic, Marten’s Right Hand, has powerful divinatory capabilities when brought into conjunction with its companion relics, Marten’s Skull and Marten’s Flesh. These relics were intentionally scattered about five years ago, for reasons unclear to Cicero. Rohfa gave Marten’s Right Hand to Cicero, and instructed him to return it in a time of need.
  • Cicero did not intend to manipulate the PCs into an undesirable position, though he did ensure their discretion. Now that the PCs have relayed news of the sect’s destruction, and of Rohfa’s condition, he considers all debts between him and the PCs cleared.

Cicero desires the PCs to locate and rescue his friend Rohfa from this “Chaotic Transformation,” but is at a loss as how to pursue this task. His contacts across Strigis are extensive, but mystical knowledge isn’t his forte. He proposed several alternatives of alliance: with no one, with the Old Faith temple in Strigis, or with Lord Arawn himself. The PCs seemed most inclined toward the second option.

Why the Sect of Indigo was destroyed remains a mystery. The PCs and Cicero speculated that someone — perhaps a powerful member of the aristocracy — sought to destroy the sect in order to prevent it from being used by Lord Arawn. Cicero supposed that a Lady Countess Ombrea, equal in rank to Lord Arawn but a rival to him, could have sent such marauders. There is no evidence for such designs, but then again, the Countess’s abilities of subterfuge and concealment are supposedly remarkable.


On the way to Strigis, the PCs were detained by several soldiers acting in Baron di Zhatto’s name. A violent altercation ensued, but surprisingly, no one of either party died, as Morgran healed the brunt of the injuries the soldiers suffered. It remained, apparently, ambiguous as to whether the soldiers detained the PCs in good faith, or simply sought to extort them. It remains unclear to the PCs, however, whether the soldiers will identify the PCs as violent criminals, or simply keep mum about the incident due to humiliation.

There were riots in Strigis on the day of the PCs’ arrival. They were thus made to wait outside the city for a whole night.


The party gained:

  • 150 sp each, from Cicero.

The party’s adventuring bill for this session is 0 gp, as Cicero has managed to cover the PCs’ expenses this session.


Dssong Dssong

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