The Mountains of Morpheus

Session 11: Crossways, part one


The PCs returned from the Mountains of Morpheus to the kingdom of Strigis, meandering through the countryside in search of safe, anonymous shelter, and routes toward answers to questions they have barely begun to articulate. They briefly liaised with the bandit-rebels near St. Hermos, and dropped off Merissa at the Old Faith temple of the town of Wyvern’s Eye. With the temple’s High Druid, Daria Levano, they discussed some possibilities of solving the problem of locating Rohfa’s Chaotic Transformation, as well as issue of how to “restore” her.

Daria offered to send out contacts to find more information about both points, as well as liaising with an urban sect in Kasha’s Watch about Marten’s Skull, a companion relic to Marten’s Right Hand. Daria advised that one of the more knowledgeable mystics in the sect is a Leo Underwood. However, Underwood is believed to serve as an advisor to Lord Cyrus Brixia, a local-level lord and vassal to Baron Sata. It may be possible, however, to locate sources of advice in urban Strigis … especially if more informed persons such as Cicero are involved.


The PCs, near the South Pass, encountered an insane traveler, claiming the presence of “demons” among the party, as well as the possibly imminent end of the world. He made demands to view the party unclothed, as well as examine their belongings. He seemed especially disturbed by Cevei’s bizarre insect-parasite, found within the whip-poor-will. It was not long before the PCs tired of his unreasonable demands, and pummeled him, and left. Merissa speculated that he was a Malkavian, but could not be sure.


The party gained:

  • About 12 gp from the wandering madman.

The party spent:

  • A typical mushroom-potion of healing

The party’s adventuring bill for this session is 10 gp, or 2 gp for each PC.


Dssong Dssong

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